No Fear

One of my biggest joys right now is that I get to be a part of the lives of the three most perfect children! And I get to call it my job!! (Yes they can drive me crazy at times.. But even when they make me want to pull out my hair, literally I’m not sure if I could love them more) 

I’m not kidding you when I say that these kids really are the coolest. I realize more & more everyday what an awesome family I get to be a part of. They are everything I dream of for my own family someday! Their rock solid foundation in the Lord that the parents set in place is inspiring. Even at such a young age, these kids truly know the Lord. Pax who is only 2 years old & can barely form sentences prays more than most adult Christians I know.

I’ve recently been trying to help the girls see how special they are! I talked to them about how God gives every single person unique gifts. When I asked Keira (4 years old) what way she thinks God made her special, she quickly replied, “He made me brave”! She then began singing this song.. Obviously I had to record.. 

After she confidently sang about how God made her so brave, I decided to go a little deeper with her in this conversation. I asked her in what ways God made her so brave. We talked about her biggest fear.. The dark! & how because God is always with her she doesn’t have to fear the dark anymore. 

I told her about psalms 34:5, “I prayed to the Lord and He answered me. He delivered me from all of my fears”. She decided to put this theory to the test. She ran into a room, shut off the light & closed the door. She even made me leave the room. I could hear the smile in her voice as she exclaimed, “Look at how brave God made me, Katy!!! I’m not afraid of the dark anymore!!!”.

This will probably always be one of my favorite moments with Keira. Something about that moment gave me such an understanding of what it means to have “child like faith”.

As we get older our fears begin to change a lot. We go from being afraid of the dark and the boogey man – to having fears of being alone, or accepted, or fears of where the money for next months rent will come from for goodness sake.

But here’s what I know.. Is that because of Christ we don’t have to fear. About anything. 

Look inside yourself & ask yourself what your biggest fears are. I want to encourage you by saying that you don’t have to live life that way!! You were not created to live controlled by things that scare you & paralyze you – you were created to live in confidence & freedom! 

So I hope this story inspired you as much as it did me. Here is to the bravest 4 year old I know. You rock my world & inspire me, sweet girl! 

“A scared world needs a fearless church” -A.W. Tozer


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