If you feel like God is nudging you to do something, go do it. Do it even if it is insane and radical. No, do it especially if it is insane and radical. Just go.

A few months ago God asked me to move to Indianapolis for “the one”.

Unsure if it was really God or not, I decided to take a leap of faith and find out. He is good so I knew He would catch me either way. I uprooted my entire life and spent the past three months in a random city in order to be friends with a single individual whom God apparently cares a lot for.

He is the One who never leaves the one behind. He leaves the ninety-nine for the one every time. This is a concept I never understood fully before, but would finally make more sense as I begun to personally experience the heart behind it.

I found a sub-leaser for my apartment, knocked on the doors of a random church in Indy, was offered a house to sleep in, and drove down a couple weeks later with no job, no money, and a little bit of faith.

That drive to Indy was the scariest of my life. But as I near the end of my time in this beautiful city, I know that the drive back from Indy will be filled with nothing but joy and praise. And I’d like you to know why.

God never wastes love – especially radical love.

The one He sent me to love in Indy is a fifty some year old woman with the absolute most beautiful heart. Unfortunately she had only been introduced to religion her entire life rather than true relationship and freedom. And the enemy has stolen more from her than I have honestly ever seen in a person. But thankfully, I walk with a God who redeems for more than was ever stolen. And I had the privilege of introducing her to Him. She now walks with Him too

Loving her is a breeze. God does all the work. I just get to have dinner with her and enjoy her (she is a phenomenal cook). I also get to remind her of who she is all the time. Then I get to sit back and watch God do miracles in her life as He gently takes every broken piece and puts it back where it should have been all along. The day I met her I put my hand on her shoulder, and I hope to never take it off. She is one of my greatest friends.

Even though He sent me to Indy specifically for “the one”, He did oh so much more than that during my time here. This has absolutely been the most blessed, favored, and fruitful season of my entire life yet. It is not because of anything that I did, however, but rather that I simply said “yes” to all He wanted to do. When I gave Him my full trust and made the leap, it allowed His glory to show up in ways that complete trust would have allowed His glory to flow through my life all along.

The stories of Gods goodness in this season are literally endless as He showed up in insane ways every day. My friends. Every. Single. Day. I would literally have to write a book to share it all, but I will at least take the time to share just a few things here.

He gave me family. The church I started at in Indy was pretty lifeless spiritually. But God divinely sat David in front of me one Sunday who usually attends a different church. I immediately plugged into his small group. The first Tuesday I walked into that house, they offered me some food and a seat at their table. I think that’s the moment they became my family.

I had never felt this kind of belonging before. They saw getting to know me as worth it even though I’d inevitably leave. They also didn’t look at me like I was crazy when I told them my reason for being in Indy, so that was cool. They welcomed me, valued me, recognized my gifts, and allowed me to be myself in a way I had never experienced. One of my greatest spiritual gifts is wisdom. Have you ever read Proverbs 9? It is rare that someone will listen to wisdom. No one really seems to like her – so this gift has been hushed my entire life. Not in this group. They humbled themselves and invited me to share my gift with them. They let me be who I was created to be in the church. In fact, they invite everyone to do this. It’s basically just a group full of open, humble people who really love Jesus and do a lot of sharing of each other. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever been a part of.

And man, do they love me well. When I had no job, they didn’t respond with a “you will find something”, but they responded rather with a, “we will find something”. I wasn’t off on an island all alone. We were in it together. Because that’s what family does. They also assured me that I wouldn’t go in need and that all of my bills would be paid for.  I am positive that they would have sold their belongings to make sure I was taken care of that month if that’s what it took.

Within this family, God specifically gave me a brother. I already have three of those. A girl with three brothers should be the most protected girl in the world. But how many people know that the same strength God designed to protect also has the power to destroy.

My brothers don’t yet walk with God fully and it has caused a lot of pain in my life. If you don’t walk with God, you can’t love. So God gave me Jericho as a brother in Christ for now. What’s cool about Jericho is that he has a testimony that actually sounds like the Bible. He literally died, went to hell, was raised from the dead, and given a new name from the big guy Himself. If you don’t believe me, I will assume it’s because you haven’t met Jericho. Experience can’t be argued with – the authenticity of his story seeps through every step he takes. So yeah, that’s who I get to call brother. And let me tell you that his love for me has already healed every single brother wound that ever pierced my heart. He has yet to call me “sis” without tears forming in my eyes.

I then was able to open my heart up to be a sister. My ex-boyfriend lives in Indianapolis. So.. that has been interesting. Anyone who has ever been through a break-up knows that the easiest thing to do emotionally is cut all ties and move on. But God is not really a ‘cut all ties’ kind of guy when it comes to relationships. It takes a lot to get God there. To my knowledge, at this point in history if God cuts ties its because you’re either Satan or a demon.

So I don’t know, I guess I decided to try to love like Jesus loves. I felt God ask me to abide in the Holy Spirit as He teaches me to navigate the gray. It was pretty hard and even painful for a while to navigate literally everything in this relationship. Maybe it’s complicated, but it didn’t take long to realize that this friend of mine is absolutely worth it. I asked God to write on my heart the relationship He wants me to have with Drew. God said that Drew is my brother in heaven – we fully know and love each other there. So I decided to bring heaven to earth in this way. It turns out that part of Drew’s story is that he was supposed to have had a sister, but didn’t. I guess God asked me to be the sister Drew should have had. Opening my heart up to to that kind of relationship was vulnerable. Because of my brother wounds, I don’t think I would have been able to do it if it weren’t for Jericho. It’s beautiful how everything comes together so intricately. I don’t see Drew as an ex at all and I absolutely love my relationship with him now. He is one of my best friends and always will be. I now have the five coolest brothers on the planet so that’s great. I also know how to forgive fiercely, love sacrificially, and stay when it’s easier to walk away.

Money, money, money. One of the biggest leaps I took in this whole ordeal was in the realm of finances. So I shouldn’t be surprised that this was one of the greatest areas of freedom God walked me into.

The Lord provided work for me that allowed much needed income during this time. Not only was I able to pay my bills every month like He promised, but I also was able to pay off an entire credit card, as well as, generously invest in some people in great need.

The biggest thing He taught me about finances is that I am royalty – as His daughter I have access to abundance and am called to be wealthy. If you’re intrigued, definitely go read “Poverty, Riches, and Wealth” by Kris Vallaton. It is the most biblically accurate book on money that’s ever been written (my personal opinion). One morning a few weeks ago God spoke, “Katy, I am going to teach you the principles of wealth”. Then my friend gave me this book later that afternoon. It has changed my life.

God’s desire for me is to be prosperous and walk in abundance – to have just enough for myself and then have a lot more spilling over to offer the church and then the world.

My entire life up until now I had a poverty mentality. I remember being 13 and the congregation getting angry at my dad because the PK was wearing a Hollister shirt. This kind of stuff over and over again sent a message to me that I should never spend money on nice things for myself, and ultimately that God’s will for me is to be poor.

God is so good for breaking me of those lies. He did it in the most beautiful ways. Last month a friend in my community group asked me to get my nails done. With an old poverty mentality trying to creep up I almost said no, but then heard God tell me that He would pay for it. Later that evening a friend asked me about my day and had the random feeling that he wanted to pay for my salon trip.

Honestly, I am still learning and seeking His heart in the arena of money. Thankfully, His grace is covering me in the process. He is absolutely teaching me the principles of wealth and I promise to eventually use what I learn to make a great impact on cities and on this nation. Mostly, I hope to one day sit in front of a 23 year old girl who is drowning in student loans because of a faulty system and then hold her hand as I lead her out of it with Godly wisdom.

Never again will the words, “I am poor” come out of my mouth. I am wealthy and that is my identity as a daughter of the King.

Saying goodbye to a city I fell in love with.

A couple of weeks ago I walked out onto a friends balcony over a beautiful creek area. I always seem to find God in that spot. When I told Him my heart needed to hear something from Him, He responded with, “I love your roots”.

It meant nothing to me at the time and I moved on with my day.

Yesterday however, overwhelmed to the max about moving, I called my friend Lizzy. “I never get overwhelmed!!”, I said, “Whats’s going on!?”. She explained that I am not overwhelmed by the list of things to do in the transition, but rather I am overwhelmed emotionally. She said, “Katy, you’ve fallen in love. You loved that city and everyone in it fearlessly. You let your roots grow deep even though you knew you wouldn’t stay”.

She was absolutely right. And you know what, it was absolutely worth it.

With a gentle reminder from God that He alone is my only Home, I praised Him for all that He did in this time, and all that He will do wherever He takes me next.

Like I said, I could write about God’s goodness in this season for literally ever. I am honestly still not 100% sure if it was God’s idea or mine to make this crazy leap to Indianapolis. I think it was probably Him as I am not that loving. But one thing I am sure of – He is good. He caught me.

I watched Him perform miracles in my life every single day. As He kept calling me outside the box and I simply kept saying yes, He brought multitudes to freedom. It’s like He never wasted one breathe I breathed or one step I took. And do you want to know who the number one person He brought into freedom was within those multitudes? Myself.

Maybe I’m “the one”. Maybe everyone I met here is “the one”. Maybe you are too. And maybe that’s the point.

I don’t know, but I definitely have an insane amount of love for “the one”. Whatever that even means.

I guess I’ll wrap it up with this: Whatever you feel like He is nudging you to do, just do it. He is good and He will catch you. If you are traveling with God, the worst place a wrong turn can take you is to a better understanding of Love.

I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. I am so blessed for trusting in Him. (Psalm 34:8)


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