Why I Stopped Dreaming of Changing the World

When I was 12 I started saving up babysitting money to build an orphanage overseas.

Somewhere between 12 and 18 I realized that America is in more trouble than Africa in a lot of ways. So I decided I would counsel, write books, and speak on stages in hopes to strengthen this country.

I’ve always been a dreamer and I definitely think the world needs dreamers that do.

However, as I was on a run the other day I had a thought that really put things into perspective for me.

I pictured a place where people spent less time striving so hard to live extraordinary lives changing the world, and instead simply loved the people next to them well instead.

What would this do to the world?

Because this is my fear for America. I fear that husbands and wives have become so obsessed chasing after their own ambitions that they forget to love each other and their children well.

We care more about our own dreams, desires, and place in the world than we do those around us. Really it’s selfishness if you think about it.

I guess I realized that I could spend my entire life striving to build orphanages and speak on stages. And I am sure that would impact society. But I also realized that I could instead make it my greatest focus to love and support another individual into his dreams and potential. And I am fully convinced this will have greater impact.

Here’s my thought: If an individual is fully loved to the greatest human capacity than he or she can reach their fullest potential. 

What if the greatest impact I have in this world is loving my husband and children well. And what if for now I focus on becoming the woman my husband and children need me to be for them. 

If a child is loved well, he or she will be unstoppable. And if we all made it our goal to love our children like this, I believe the next generation would reach higher potentials than ever before in human history.

I think God knew this truth before I did. In fact, I think it is His design. Maybe this is why a Husband is called to serve His wife and put her before everything. This is why a Woman’s callings go in this order 1) husband 2) children 3) all else. (Ephesians 5)

(I’m not saying we should ditch our dreams.. God has a plan and purpose for each of us that no one else can fill.. I am just saying that those dreams should be third in line)

So my biggest dream is no longer to live an extraordinary life changing the world. Now my biggest dream is to find the extraordinary in simply loving the people around me really well. Then I can watch the massive impact they couldn’t have had on the world otherwise.

And the thing is.. if someone else loves me that way too, who knows, maybe I’ll end up on a stage or publishing a book one day.

Go love the people around you. 


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