Why Being a Community Group Leader is the Best Job in the Church

“Being a community group leader is the best job in the church” -Bill Search

It is so fascinating to me – the way certain words can be put together in such a way that touches you so deeply. These specific words were spoken to me recently & I can’t get them out of my head – probably because they couldn’t be more true.

The honor of being a community group leader..

It means opening up your home week in & week out in order to create a space where people can meet Jesus in a new way.

A space where people can find rest, great friends, & good coffee.

Being a community group leader is a constant reminder of how strong your weaknesses really are, & how much stronger Gods grace is.

It’s having your “12” as Jesus did.. those are your people. In some ways they become closer than family.

It’s journeying alongside of “your people” as you all seek One Thing.. and even though you are all at different places, you somehow walk alongside of each other in taking that next step.

Being a CG leader means endless coffee dates & game nights.

It’s looking for any excuse to celebrate & eat good food together.

It’s coming together to serve your church or community. Anything from making blessing bags for a women’s shelter – to making meals for someone in your church – & whatever falls inbetween.

It’s realizing that you are blessed with more friends than you’ve ever had in your life, simply because you agreed to be “fearless” and play a DVD in your home.

Being a community group leader means inviting God to show up.. then letting the Holy Spirit move however He pleases.. even if that’s until 1AM and you work at six the next morning.

Being a community group leader means being humble & authentic.

It means confessing your sins & your weaknesses to a group of people who look up to you.. then experiencing rivers of tears and joy as you receive their grace & they cover you in encouragement & prayer.

Then it’s watching as that authenticity created a safe place where people can be real & find freedom.

Being a CG leader means daring to talk about the things that people too often are afraid to bring up.. lust.. masturbation.. porn. And keeping each other accountable to a life of purity.

Perhaps the best part of being a CG leader is having a front row seat at what God is doing in individual lives.

Its being a student of Jesus as you are constantly learning how to love well.

It means experiencing the greatest joy with someone when they have a victory, then moments later grieving deeply with someone else.

Its the privilege of knowing secrets that people have gone their entire lives without sharing.

It’s watching someone experience Jesus in your home & then step into freedom from anxiety and panic attacks that have haunted her for years.

It means coming alongside of the girl in your group whose boyfriend is a multiple time cancer survivor, yet the journey isn’t over.

Then it’s watching your group automatically lay hands on her and cover her in prayer that fills her with life.

Being a community group leader is having the joy of watching someone go from darkness to light.

It’s the sweet sound of hearing that five months ago a girl was ready to end her life, but God brought her to your group in her darkest season & she has now met Him as her Healer & Redeemer.

Being a CG leader means buying a box of face masks to wear anytime you catch the common cold & Lysol-ing every inch of your home because a girl in your group has an immune condition.

It’s then watching your girls come alongside of her on her journey.. making her monthly overnight trips to the hospital a little more fun than they used to be.

Being a community group leader is having the honor of going to Dr’s appointments with the girl struggling with infertility, then learning how to give her the shot she will need to receive 3x a day in case you are with her when she needs it.

Being a community group leader means welcoming into your home those who have been hurt by the church. It means apologizing on the churches behalf & promising that although you are imperfect you hope to love them well.

& then its having the joy of sitting back and watching as they begin to trust the church again.

Being a community group leader is the simple things too.

It means that coffee & tea never leave your grocery list.

It’s asking the right questions that will strike passion in people’s hearts.

Or the joy of watching eyes light up as people begin to “get it”.

It’s watching girls grow rapidly in Christ & step up as leaders themselves.

& then there’s the thought that overwhelms me most..

Being a community group leader means realizing that there will be people in heaven simply because you said “yes” to Jesus and opened up the doors of your home.

So, “Being a community group leader is the best job in the church”?

No.. it’s the best job in the world.


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