Pornography. I hate it.

I hate it not because it has taken something so beautiful and twisted & disturbed it.. which it has.. But the reason I hate pornography most is because I’m sick of it effortlessly robbing couples who truly love each other of what they are really longing for.

I believe God has a dream and a plan for everything He creates. And I believe this same concept applies to Satan.

The same evil that created tornadoes and cancer also created pornography. Whereas Gods dream for things are always for hope and life, the enemies plans are always death and destruction.

So what is Satans dream in creating pornography?

I have prayed and wrestled to find the correct answer to this question and I am absolutely sure he is out to destroy one specific thing.

Satan is after intimacy.

When you really think about it, you will begin to see that intimacy is the number one thing we were created for. We were created to experience the joy of intimacy with the Father first, then also with another person. There is no other thing we experience as human beings that will ever be more desirable or satisfying than true intimacy.

Of course the enemy would attack it. 

Pornography robs us of intimacy with the Lord and with our spouse, both. And the evil one begins robbing of this so early in an individuals life. The average age to first view porn is 8-10 and age 13 for using it regularly. Girls, you are not left out of this statistic.

So yes, I think porn has twisted something that was once pure. I refuse to be desensitized and therefore will always find pornography disturbing in general. But my reason for hating it most is because of the fact that every marriage or relationship I’ve ever seen destroyed is rooted in a lack of intimacy. And porn is always one of the largest contributors, although the couple is typically blind to see the link between those two things. 

I also hold a firm belief that the cases for sexual abuse and rape would drop dramatically if porn were nonexistent. 

But I want to be clear that if this topic is your struggle, I do not judge you. And shame has no place in your life! In fact, I have compassion for you. I weep for how the enemy has attacked you & taken so much from your life. This is the second reason I hate porn – because of how it enslaves the individual addicted. I get angry seeing how the enemy lies to people. Pornography has become so widely accepted, and through this, has effortlessly chained so many.

The enemies tactic in destroying intimacy through pornography is to turn something good into a god. This is the pleasure paradox.. or what philosophers call “hedonistic paradox”. The more intensely you chase pleasure, the less likely you are to catch it. 

There are a lot of reasons people view porn, but the soul root always grows from the desire for pleasure and intamacy. But once you view porn something weird happens. Instead of satisfaction, you experience a desire for more. Instead of closeness, a strange sense that feels something like loneliness. So you keep chasing. & chasing. & eventually this turns into the object of your worship. 

Once an individual is worshiping and serving this false god of sexual pleasure, they have lost their freedom. They ultimately give up their life for this god, although most aren’t aware of this truth because of how the enemy deceives. In fact, if you use porn and don’t feel like it is stealing your very life, trust me as I tell you boldly that it most certainly is (no matter how often you use it). That’s how false gods operate. 

“When the gift replaces the giver as the object of our worship something surprising happens. When we begin to worship this god of pleasure instead of the God who gave it to us, we discover that the pleasure is lost. We discover the devastating paradox that when we pursue pleasure as a god, pleasure disappears.”

Go read 1 Kings 18:25-29

“One of the saddest parts of my job is seeing people spend their lives worshiping a god that takes away everything and leaves them with nothing.” – Kyle Idleman

Pornography is a direct assault on what God intended for marriage – cherishing and being passionately enthralled with one person for life. 

The best kind of sexual pleasure is experienced in a marriage where each individual is cherishing and enjoying each other fully & solely. Research has proved this fact, even from a secular perspective.  

“Sex affirms each other’s beauty, worth, and desirability. Neurologically, the more you have sex with each other, the more you desire each other and the less attractive other people become. This is basic brain chemistry”. But pornography & even lust promotes the opposite effects. 

So I’m not sure how we got here, my friends. I look around and see that this problem is plaguing our nation, & people seem to shrug their shoulders like it’s not a big deal. 

But what I do know is that somehow, someway, we have got to get back to marriage and sexual intimacy the way God had intended it. 

Protect me, God, from the destruction of lust and pornography. I admit that I am weak and I am human. I know that I could so easily fall into the enemies traps for my marriage, so I ask that you give me wisdom, strength, and a deeper passion for purity. I believe that one of the highest pleasures in life will be to cherish my husband and enjoy intimacy with him in every way & I thank you for this gift. God, teach me to cherish, admire, respect, enjoy, & pleasure one man only. I want to give one man all of my love. & to have the same from him in return. Teach me how to keep my longing to give sexual pleasure as greater than my longing to receive. I  want to experience intimacy how you designed it & to instigate sexual purity in this world. Protect me & my husband both. Lead us in the way of life. I pray that you use us both as warriors for intimacy in this nation. Raise up leaders in this city to bring enlightenment. Purify sexuality in this city, God. Heal Kalamazoo so that every person may walk in freedom as they experience the joys and depths of true intimacy. Amen



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