Longing for God 

Ever have those nights where you lay your head on the pillow but your mind is racing with thoughts? But in a good way. 

That’s me right now.. but not just in a good way.. in the absolute best way possible. 

So incredibly & unexplainably overwhelmed with the.. sweetness..  and ..goodness.. of God. Of His love. 

He has brought me to a point in my life where He has never been quite so attractive to me. 

It’s like I’ve tasted the purest clearest water. And I can never go back to the nasty off tasting water-wanabe that comes out of the kitchen of this old rental house I’m in. 

The more I hate the artificial.. the more I hate sin.. the more in love with Him I fall. 

Nothing compares. Nothing is as close to as satisfying. Nothing comforts like Him. Nothing is quite as sweet. 

He’s got me in tears, telling Him I don’t care about anything else anymore. Nothing. 

But the off brand seems so much more attainable at times. 

So God, I need you to become more accessible to me. I need to have more of you. I need to hear your voice more clearly. To feel you. I miss you. I’ve got to have you. All of you. All the time. I have got to know you more. Come to me. Meet me in a new way. Shake up my life. 

I’m so hungry for Him, guys. I have a longing for Him right now that has never been so strong. But along with that, I’ve also never felt so frustrated and homesick. 

I’m also coming to grips with my own shallowness.. that this deep desire and longing for Him is as rare as it is in my life. 

And the desire alone is so.. good. Let alone the desire fulfilled. 

But all of this couldn’t come at a better timing.. 

I’m looking to the next 21 days with an expectant heart as my church begins 21 days of prayer and fasting together tomorrow. 

Good things are coming, I can feel it. 

(Stay tuned.)

& those who can resonate with my longing.. hang in there, sister. He rewards those who dillegently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). 

“He is bringing forth a lovesick bride, voluntarily choosing Him in the face of every evil” -Dana Candler 



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