I have come to find that life in its essence is simply a culmination of lessons learned. God is continuously teaching me something new and wonderful. A lot of times it is very difficult to go through the process of learning something from the Lord, however, at the end of these lessons learned, they always prove to be more than worth the journey as they always, always draw me closer to the heart of God.

The lesson which God is currently teaching me: Mercy.

God has taught me a lot of lessons in the past on forgiveness. He has helped me to see that life is a process for everyone. He taught me that everyone is struggling with something and that the best thing I can do for a person is understand where they are at in their journey and how that caused them to do what they did. He showed me that how people act towards me says a lot more about their relationship with themselves rather than anything about my personal value. He taught me to remember who the real enemy is – that satan is always to blame for division in relationships and that our anger is used most effectively when directed towards fighting the evil one rather than the ones we love. God taught me that forgiveness is powerful – when we chose to give God the pains that come from relationships it allows us to give and receive love freely. This kind of love is what conquers the world.

Mercy, however, although very similar, is a new lesson for me. This word started jumping out at me about a month or so ago. The first time was while reading Romans 12 which states that when we show mercy we should do so cheerfullyThis convicted me as I do not know if I have ever shown mercy cheerfully in my entire life, but have done it more so begrudgingly as if to say “I will forgive you but this is not fair“.

In that moment of reading Romans 12 that day, I remember closing my eyes and asking the Lord to teach me how to offer mercy cheerfully.

Ask and you will receive. Thus began the process of learning this lesson.

The word mercy continued jumping out at me. Did you know the Bible tells us that God delights in showing us mercy?! Why God – why does showing me mercy fill you with joy?

God brought me to Missouri for many reasons. By bringing me here, He allowed me to meet one of the most amazing women of God I will ever have the privilege to know. To be honest, I think He would have brought me here for that reason alone.

As she shared her story with me, she humbly shared of the deception she fell into a few years ago from the enemy that brought her to a place of falling into sin. She told me of her husbands forgiveness and a beautiful story of how instead of jumping ship, he held her as she cried. She told me of her husbands mercy and the power it had in her heart. Then came three words out of her mouth that answered the question I had been asking God to show me. She explained to me that “Mercy breeds loyalty“. His mercy was so humbling in her heart that it had the power to transform her. It created a loyalty within her that only this kind of love has the power to create.

I do believe that this is why God delights in showing mercy. His love for us is greater that any pain we cause Him. He knows the power that mercy has in a persons heart. He knows that mercy will always give birth to something beautiful and I believe He waits in eager excitement to see what will come of His mercy given. He’s after our heart’s.

I also believe that this is how we are able to give mercy cheerfully.

How many of you know that when God teaches you a lesson – you better get ready because it is something you will need to take with you in the next season of your life?

This past weekend a series of events took place that lead to me to being very wronged and betrayed by someone I love deeply even though I did not deserve it and was innocent in the situation.

It was a temptation to forgive this person begrudgingly. I was angry and very broken hearted. It just wasn’t fair. Then it hit me. This is the very thing God has been teaching me.

Humbled, and in tears, in a single moment with God, I was enabled to offer mercy to this person and I did so cheerfully. I walked out the front door this morning with a smile on my face – excited to see what will come from the love and power within this mercy.

I am aware that I cannot control the outcome of any situation, but I know without a doubt that something beautiful will come from this mercy offered.

There is a reason why forgiveness and mercy can be so hard to give to someone. In our own strength we would never be capable. It is truly a miracle when we are able to offer these things.

I am so thankful, today, for my little miracle.

God, you are so good. Thank you for allowing me to meet your mercy. Thank you for freeing me from the chains of unforgiveness and for being the healer of my every pain. Thank you that you know the pain of being betrayed and that in the very moment of that betrayal you chose love. Thank you for the power of your love. Thank you for continuously allowing me to meet you in new ways. Teach us more of your mercy and great love. You are Mercy. You are Love. Let me never forget of the great mercy that you showed me first. Thank you, Jesus.


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