If you are single, this post is for you.. 

A word for those who are single.. Just some thoughts as I fall asleep.. 
1) Your life does not begin once you find a spouse!

2) & neither should your ministry!
Once you’re married – that becomes your #1 ministry!!! So in this season, as you are still single, you can pour into the church & into people like no other season in your life.. You can give your ALL in a beautiful way that you will never be able to experience again. The church NEEDS those who are single to use their passions & to serve – because we can give in a different way and, in some ways, an even more abundant way, than those who are married. 
So… First of all, get plugged in!!! What are your passions and/or talents? Use those to serve at your church.. Or even simply to serve those in your sphere of influences. 
Most importantly, do not allow yourself to get stuck in a mindset that your life and ministry will begin once you find someone! God has a specific dream and purpose for your life NOW in the season you are currently in!! 
Don’t get me wrong.. Serving in a marriage, as almost a ying&yang, package deal is definitely something to look forward to! God designed marriage for a reason & it’s a very beautiful & powerful thing. But that’s a whole different topic of discussion.
My point is this, ladies.. 

You are not complete once you find a man. You are complete in Jesus, alone! And He has a dream for YOU for TODAY. 
Let us never forget this truth! 


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