Just one of the million reasons I am thankful for the cross today. ✝ 

The Lord of the universe has a specific and extraordinary plan & purpose for your life. This is an absolute truth for every individual & it is something that I am passionate about and will make sure that those around me are aware of & believe in for themselves. 

God is currently taking me through a season of teaching me awesome things. I’m growing so much as He’s allowing me to meet Him in all sorts of new ways. 

This post gets a little vulnerable.. but the enemy is overcome by the word of our testimonies right? I think there is something powerful about sharing what the Lord is doing in our lives. My prayer is that this post speaks to someone.

Right now my community group is doing a study together called “Greater”. It is helping my group understand Gods call on their life & what the “next step” is for each individual. This past week we discussed what is holding us back from our calling. Before the farmer, Elisha, could step into his calling and become a prophet he had to surrender His old life. To do so, he physically burned his plows so that going back to his life of farming would not even be an option. During group we have been answering the question “what are your plows?”. This question trumped me because my plows weren’t obvious to me at first. This is something I had to bring before the Lord and ask Him to reveal to me. My God is so cool. Seriously, just ask & you will receive.. every single time. He always shows up & when He does you are never the same. The Lord unveiled my eyes to see something within me that I have been spiritually blind to my entire life. I do not even have the words to explain it, but it was the most glass shattering moment – maybe of my entire life thus far. He allowed me to see a chain that the enemy has had on my life for far too long. God allowed me to see a generational curse that has been passed down within my family on both sides. He opened my eyes to see that there is a critical spirit in my family and He went on to illuminate and show me the very sad ramifications it has had on us. It has been so present in my life & has done nothing but destroy me for so long. I have had a critical spirit with those around me, but even more so, I have been overly critical of myself. 

But the Lord revealed. And I’m telling you, He brought so many memories to my mind from all throughout my life where this critical spirit was present, stole from me, and controlled me. He replayed memories that I havent thought about in years. A memory of me being a little girl and quitting t-ball. A memory of me choosing isolation in middle school. Memory on memory on memory. With each memory the glass continued to shatter. One specific memory was the heaviest on my heart..
The acoustic guitar is absolutely the most beautiful instrument to me. It hits my soul in just the right way & connects me to God like nothing else. A couple of years ago I decided I would learn to play. Unfortunately, during my first lesson, the person I was learning from told me that I’m “unteachable”.  The critical spirit within me dug it’s nasty little fangs into that lie. As you may guess, I sat down the guitar & haven’t picked one up sense. 

I am so thankful for the cross.

[I know a love that ruins every fear and breaks every chain. A love that gives life abundantly. A love that redeems the very things the enemy has stolen. A love that frees. How thankful I am for this truth].

He who reveals, heals. There are some instances where the Lord chooses to allow us to fight for freedom from sin struggles or healing. However there are also some instances where He frees us in a single moment. For whatever reason, on 3.22.16 the Lord chose to free me in a single moment. Guys.. I’m talking a miraculous, freeing, joy filled, life giving, supernatural encounter with my God. That moment with Him was so unexplainable and unforgettable, yet it was also somehow just like any other normal moment with Him. But one thing is for sure – I am free. And he who is free is free indeed!! Man, that verse has never rested in my heart like it does right now. I did not know the weight until I felt the freedom. 

In an instance I was freed from chains that have had me in bondage my entire life. This is the God I serve, my friends – it’s what He does best. 

So, to reign my rabbit trail back in.. the Lord revealed to me what my “plows” were. That critical spirit so present in my life is what needed to be “burned” in order for me to fully embrace my calling. It was holding me back from the abundance the Lord has for me and the annointing He has placed on me. It infected every area of my life and robbed me of so much. But I guess He decided He had enough of it! Not only did God reveal to me what my plows were when I asked, but He also “burned” them for me?! How cool is He?!

He also freed me from having a critical spirit towards others. He taught me the definition of “honor” & the knowledge of this had so much power in my heart. He showed me how Jesus honors me. Jesus regards me with great respect & high esteem even in the midst of my greatest mistakes. It is this love that has empowered me to extend this same honor to every individual around me (or at least give my best effort to do so). It’s only been a few days, but I could already tell you endless stories of how this has changed my entire life & how it impacts every encounter I have with others.

I’m not sure what all of this freedom will unleash for me in regards to “what’s next” as I pursue my calling in this crazy world… but I can tell you I’m beyond excited. Seriously, I have just been overflowing with joy for four days straight. Keep teaching me, shaping me, & growing me, God. Refine me. 

Freedom has never felt so good. 

//& today, today I think I will go buy an acoustic guitar. 


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