Let my time be Yours.

Someone recently told me that morning people conquer the world..

The idea of this quote really stuck with me & long story short, I sorta decided to become a morning person (PTL for coffee)!

God has really begun speaking to my heart about how valuable my time is to Him & how I need to be a good steward of the time He has given me.

I think this begins with the little things.

So I decided to make some personal positive life changes. I started by changing my work schedule. I now work 7AM to 7PM instead of 2-10PM.

No more waking up at noon for this girl!

My hope is that ambition may replace any ounce of laziness within me & that all that I do give glory to God! No excuses.

Granted, my random lazy days of binge watching Netflix will probably not cease to exist, nor do I want them to (my guilty pleasure)! But I’m sure those days will become fewer as I lay my time at the cross & begin to walk into some really cool things God has in store for me.

Alright, this morning person is tired! Time to get to the point & rap it up..

As I look back on how the day has unfolded, I realize a lot of it is thanks to the mindset I woke up with.

I’m thankful for how The Lord enlightened me & for all that God is doing in my heart & life continuously!

How cool is it to have a God that speaks directly to my heart!

Not to mention how He blesses me immeasurably! With my new work schedule I also received the honor of being seen fit for more responsibilities & a pay raise! On top of all that, I absolutely love my job.

Today was the first day of my new work schedule/job & I have to say it was a success. Maybe I didn’t conquer the world exactly.. But then again maybe I’m well on my way!☺️

What it comes down to is as simple as this..
I will choose to use my time to honor The Lord.

Because at the end of the day, God is good.. & what else really matters?


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