He died to set us free.


We all know the basic story of the gospel, the story of salvation. That God is our creator, our sin separated us from Him, Jesus took the penalty for our sin on the cross, we were given the Holy Spirit, & get to spend eternity in heaven.

Salvation will forever be the greatest miracle of all.

What Jesus did saved us from eternity in Hell.

Maybe you have heard it before.. but let me remind you..

What Jesus did brought us freedom not only someday, but also today.

I believe that what Jesus did on the cross is capable of bringing us freedom from any struggle we face here on earth.

One of my girl friends struggles from severe anxiety. She had an anxiety attack once, and ill never forget what my friend Jeremy said to me that day. He said, “I wish she knew that she doesn’t have to live that way”.

Anxiety is a very real struggle for many people. Many accept it as something that will just always be a part of their lives.

Anxiety. Depression. Fear. Insecurity. The list goes on. Whatever it is that you struggle with.. I believe you have freedom from it through Christ.

Romans 10:13 tells us that “Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

That word, “saved” comes from the Hebrew word “sozo”. The definition of sozo is “to save from the evils which obstruct the reception of the messianic deliverance”.

To put it simpler: Jesus died to set you free.

Not only from hell. But from satan entirely.

I believe that the Church in general gives Satan too much credit. I believe that what Jesus did saved us from the grips of satan. Satan has no authority. No power. He has no hand in our lives… Unless we allow him to.

This is truth for every aspect of our lives.

This is true in the battle against anxiety.

And I also believe that this is true for any sin struggle we face.

Romans 6:14 tells us that “Sin shall no longer be your master, because you are no longer under the law, but under grace.”

Many people don’t know this.. But “grace” in the bible does not mean forgiveness.

When translated, it means empowerment.

Through Jesus, we are empowered by the Holy spirit to face and overcome anything that comes our way.

In fact, 1 John 5:3 tells us that “His commands are not burdensome.”

Chances are, if you are struggling to overcome something, if it is burdensome, then you are probably trying to overcome it with your own strength. As Christians we are free from the chains of sin. And as long as we rest in the power of the Holy Spirit, obeying Gods commands are not burdensome.

So I am writing all of this to say:

Whatever battle you are facing.

Whatever your struggle may be.

Jesus has already set you free from it.

And you are given every tool needed in order to embrace this freedom through the Holy Spirit.

For anxiety… we are given Gods peace that is so powerful it transcends our understanding.

For any sin struggle… we are given not only forgiveness, but also empowerment through the Holy Spirit to overcome.

For timidity… we are given a spirit of love where there is no room for fear.

Whatever struggle you are facing.. it died on the cross with Jesus.

I believe Jesus gave us freedom from these things of course because of His great love for us. However, I think another reason He freed us from these things is because these things (depression, anger, fear, timidity, sin) distract us from what matters most and hinder us from what He is calling us to do.

So whatever it is that is holding you back, I dare you to let go of it.

And embrace the abundant life God has for you, so that you can do all of the things that He is calling you to do for His kingdom.

Because Jesus died to set you free.

Don’t allow that truth become numb to you.. no matter how many times you’ve heard it before.

“Peace has a name. Hope has a name. Love has a name. And that name is Jesus.”


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