to have the kind of love that is not restricted by conditions..

One thing I’ve seen to be true & firmly believe is that in the very moment where a person deserves love the least, Is the moment that they need it the most.

Imagine a world where when people hurt us.. Instead of holding back our love, we gave them even more of it.

That person who hurt me so much I could barely breathe..
Maybe instead of retaliation, I should respond with love. Maybe that’s what they need in that moment. For me to be understanding of why they did what they did. Maybe they need me to let go of the pain that came to me because of it so that I can love them freely. Maybe they need me to pray for them & wish them nothing but happiness.

Maybe the lady who comes through the drive through at Ritters and yells at me for making her cone too small simply needs some love her way. Where most people would role their eyes at her and get offended, maybe I need to realize that there might be something else going on in her life that is the real reason for her anger. Maybe what she needs in that moment is for me to smile & give her all the kindness I’ve got in me.

Maybe when my brother comes home & is rude for no reason, I need to somehow look past it & realize it’s just because he has had a bad day. Instead of calling him out on it & telling him that he’s a jerk, maybe he just needs some encouragement. Maybe I should look for a way to uplift him.

I don’t know about you.. But personally I want to be the type of person who has this kind of love.. The kind of love that isn’t restricted by conditions.

I believe this kind of love can turn someone’s day around. It can make all the difference.

Another thing that I have found is that where there is love, there is no possibility or room for judgement. Which means the opposite is true as well.

Let me tell you a story about a lady at one of the church’s I used to attend whom helped with worship on Sunday mornings. For the sake of privacy, we will call her “Jill”.

Jill was a really amazing lady.. Full of joy and lots of fun. She truly had a heart and talent for music.

After a couple years of helping out with worship.. she came out as a lesbian.

Our church decided she was no longer allowed to be a part of the worship team. I won’t debate whether my church’s choice in this was right or wrong.. But what I will debate is this..
That I sat back and watched as this woman faced judgment and slander from mostly everyone around her. Even as a 13 year old girl I knew this wasn’t right.

Sadly she ended up leaving the church altogether.

Sometimes I wonder..

What if, as Christians, we chose love instead of judgement.

What if where it would have been so easy to judge Jill for hurting her husband & family the way she did, we instead chose to love her for where she was at. To try to understand what was going on in her life. What if the church came around Jill when she came out. What if we prayed for her.. And prayed with her. What if we realized that everyone on the worship team had a sin struggle. And that no one sin struggle is worse then the other. What if we made her feel as if we were for her.. Not against her.

What if, as her church family, we showed her more love then she had felt in her lifetime.

I believe it would have changed everything. I believe she would still be a Christian.. Still attend that church. I even believe that her heart would have been transformed.

Because love has that sort of power in peoples lives.

I think that this same concept is true in our own personal lives..

What if we chose love over judgement?

For the husband addicted to pornography…
What if, instead of judgement, hate, & anger. You chose love. What if your desire to be a Godly, supportive, loving Christian wife wasn’t restricted by your husbands actions. What if, instead of holding It against him, you asked him how you could best help him against this struggle. What if you supported him as best you could in his journey to overcome it? What if you came around him and prayed with him & for him.

For the mean girl at school no one wants to be friends with. Or the girl who everyone thinks is weird..
What if, instead of judging her, or talking bad about her behind her back like everyone else does, you chose love. What if you chose to shut down the gossip. What if you chose to befriend her & pray for her.

The list of examples could go on and on.

When people are at their worst. When they are at their lowest. When they are at their meanest. When they are full of selfishness & sin. These are the moments where we are so quick to judge or be rude in return. But people have enough bad things going on in their lives.. The last thing these people need is our judgement and anger coming there way. What they need the most in these moments is kindness, understanding, & encouragement.

I believe living life this way can make all the difference.

I believe this type of love is the type of love that has the ability to conquer the world.. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

It has the ability ability to forgive.

The ability to heal.

To mend broken relationships.

To encourage.

And to give hope.

I truly believe that this kind of unconditional love only comes from our good God. I believe it is His type of love that this world is in desperate need of. & I believe that it is His love that has the capability to change lives.

So I dare you to look into your own life..
Look for situations that demand a love which is free from conditions. Look for situations which call for a love that is free of judgement. A love that is selfless, patient and understanding.

I dare you to give love in those moments where a person may seem like they don’t deserve it.

And watch as it turns that persons world upside down.

..because love never fails.


One thought on “to have the kind of love that is not restricted by conditions..

  1. Thank you for your thoughts and expressing your heart. May God give you a blessing for taking the time to write it. I love you unconditionally!

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