When change comes your way..

My closest friend I have ever had on this planet is Abby Ferrell. She was a childhood friend from when I lived in Toledo Ohio.

We spent, very literally, every minute of every day together. We were so close, I think we started to become the same person. We had the same interests, same dreams.

We were inseparable.

A couple of weeks before I started my freshman year of high school I got the news that our family would be moving away from Toledo.

Still to this day, that was probably the hardest news I have ever received in my life. Even though it was only a two hour move, neither Abby or I could drive.. And because we spent every waking moment together, the move might as well have been over seas.

The first thing I did when I found out about the move was go straight to Abby’s house.

When I arrived at her house her mom had already informed her of the news.

When she came to the door all we could do was look at each other and cry. We didn’t say anything to each other. Maybe we didn’t know what to say. Or maybe there was simply nothing to say.

The inseparable was being separated and we had absolutely no choice in the matter.

So that day we crawled into the back of her closet and cried as we made a silent promise to each other that we would never leave that closet.

Obviously we didn’t stay in the closet forever. Our moms eventually forced us to come out.

And with every failed attempt to prevent change from happening, it happened.

My family moved to Kalamazoo.

Once I was here I chose to hate the world. I hated Kalamazoo and everyone in it. It was a very hard and very awful time.

But looking back on it.. As heartbreaking as this was.. it didn’t have to be that way.

So the reason I’m sharing this story with you is to say this:

Change is an inevitable part of life.

Change is going to come your way & there’s nothing you can do about it.

So when change comes your way, I believe there are one of two roads you can choose to take..

1. You can choose to fight change.
You can chose fear. You can choose to “crawl into the back of a closet”. You can chose to be angry at the world.


2. You can chose to embrace change.
You can chose to make the best of every situation that comes your way. To find the beauty in everything. To be thankful for where you came from, at the same time of never loosing sight of where you are going. You can chose to be happy even in the midst of chaos, confusion, & sadness. You can choose to trust that God has a plan.. And to be excited about that plan even in the moments of doubt.

It has now been six years since that horrible day that we packed up the moving van and drove into a new chapter of our lives..

And six years later.. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing.

I love Kalamazoo. I love all of the people and experiences that have come my way.

The very thing that seemed like the end of the world, ended up simply
being a new beginning. It ended up
being a chapter that my story wouldn’t be complete without. It made my world a brighter and more beautiful place.

There will be something about EVERY season of your life that you will miss once you move onto a new chapter. And that’s okay. Just be sure to be thankful for the people and opportunities that are around you today.

Because change is inevitable.

There are a million and one things that could interrupt the plans we have for ourselves.

That’s life.

But God can turn any situation into gold if you let him.

So my advice to you if you happen to be in the midst of change.. If the unknown of the future scares you to death.. If you have received news that has wrecked your world..

Dont crawl into the back of the closet.

Instead, make the best of every change that comes your way.

God has a plan for you that is more beautiful then any plan you could ever create for yourself.

Jeremiah 29:11


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