You were created for a purpose.

Back in the day when wood stoves were widely used, they caused a soot on wallpaper.

Joseph Mcvicker was the inventor of a white goo which removed this soot .

His invention was succesful…
until electric heating came into play.

This left him bankrupt.

It was his cousin Kay Zufall, an elementary school teacher, who found that her students loved playing with the white goo.

She suggested to Joe Mcvicker that he color the goo and name it play-doh.

The moral of that story is that “we are all one small adjustment away from making our lives work.”

I believe that each one of us were created for a divine purpose.

We were each created to fit a role that no other person on this planet could fill.

We were each given specific and unique talents and gifts.

I believe that true joy is found when we walk in what we were created to do.. When we make use of the unique gifts given to us.

So I’m writing this to say..

It’s easy to give up on our dreams when they have failed us in the past & have only left us feeling defeated.

It’s also so easy to get caught up in day to day life where we simply go through the motions.

However; I dare to say that that is not a life well lived.

You were created for more then that.

You were created to find your passion, and pursue it.

So believe in the beauty of your dreams, my sweet friend.

Because maybe you, too, are just one small adjustment away from reaching your full potential.

YOU were created for a purpose.

By a God who will be your strength when you feel like giving up.

And by a God who created you for no less than for you to reach your full potential.

He created your gifts & talents & all of
the things that make you unique.

He knows what your “play-doh” is.

So be patient..

Trust God..

Listen to His still small voice..

And get excited..

Because you are about to fill a purpose beyond your wildest dreams.

A purpose that has the power to change the world.




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