Where is God calling you?

While nannying yesterday, I decided to take the girls on a walk with some of their neighborhood friends. I followed closely behind pushing the baby in a stroller. 

Something sparked up the conversation of what they all wish to be ‘when they grow up‘. Paige who is six is convinced that she will ‘someday‘ be a firefighter, and during breaks when there are no fires she will be a doctor. Another girl talks of being a teacher. Another a vet. 

When I was their age, me and my best friend in the world had it all planned out too. We decided that ‘when we grow up’ we would be cosmetologists and pediatric nurses together. In our free time we would ‘someday’ open up a restaurant called Fingers.. it would have only finger food on the menu. I also had dreams of being a teacher and building an orphanage in Africa.

Over the years, what I want to be ‘when i grow up’ has continuously changed. I’ve been there, done that, & quit with the cosmetology. I ruled out the medical field pretty early on.. science was never my thing. Personally, our Fingers idea still seems like a good one. 😉 Who knows, maybe that’ll work out one day! Lol. Anyway..

I’m not sure when exactly, but it seems like it was all at once that the distant, ‘when i grow up’, stopped being so far away. ‘Someday’ became today. 

I went through a season in my life where I had no idea what I wanted to do, but time ran out.. I had to chose my major. During that time I did a lot of stressing and a lot of praying. 

I can’t tell you how many times I asked God where he wants me in life. 

College can be a stressful time. I believe a lot of people ask God that same question. 

So the reason I’m writing all of this is to say.. 

If this sounds like you… 

If your ‘someday’ came quicker then you thought.. 

If you keep asking God what He wants you to do with your life.. 

I dare to answer that question for Him.. 

Because I believe He would tell you the same thing He told me. 

I believe his answer to you is, “wherever you are standing“. 

I believe God cares far more about how you allow yourself to be used by Him TODAY then he does about your distant future occupation. 

Look at where you are at in life. Who your circle of influences are. 

What can you do TODAY to be a better representation of Christ. What can you do more of to help those you care about? What can you do more for those in your city who are in need? How does God want to use you TODAY? 

I heard a quote one time that changed my life.. 

It says.. 

“Where God calls you is where your deepest gladness and the worlds deepest hunger meet”

I think that that quote can definitely help you in deciding what major or occupation you will choose. However, I also think it will help you in where God is calling you TODAY.

What are your gifts? What gives you joy? Look around.. Where is the world in need? Where do those things meet?

Currently, at this point in my life I am working to be a Marriage and Family Therapist, which i believe is my calling. I know what my ‘someday’ is and am working towards it. 

However, I try to never forget where God is calling me today. 

We are surrounded by a hurting world who is desperate for the hope and love of Jesus.

Let God help you blossom in a world that is searching for the meaning of life… searching for hope. 

Worry about tomorrow when it gets here, because tomorrow is not something that you need to be worried about. God already has that all planned out.

I urge you..

Let God use you wherever you are standing, TODAY. 

You can change the world. One day at a time. 




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