Trust God in the Storm

I nannied today like I do every Wednesday.

I had promised Paige that I would play soccer with her first thing, so as soon as I get there she runs outside, excited & probably ready to beat me!! Lol, most competitive person I know!! Brings so much sunshine & smiles into my life.


Less than a minute later it thunders, & it takes paige less than two seconds to run frantically back inside & into her moms (Debbie’s) arms.

I soon learn that Paige is afraid of storms.

At this point, Paige is hyperventilating & looks like she’s seen a ghost. As the storm gets worse she starts crying. She begins to scream louder than I knew was even humanly possible as she begs her mom to please not leave her.

This little girl was experiencing some real fear!!!

The way Debbie handled the situation gave me a good reminder of the kind of love God has for me..

Debbie wasn’t going anywhere.. She didn’t even want to. In fact, she waited for the storm to pass.

Debbie would have done ANYTHING to take away Paige’s fear of the storm.. Or take away the storm all together..

She did everything she could to comfort her.. To take away her anxiety.

Then in that moment, the coolest thing happened.. 😁☺️

I’m going through some of my own personal “storms” right now.. Stressing about what I’m doing for school in the fall & stressing about money & sorta just feeling defeated lately in some certain areas.
And as I just stood there & watched Debbie holding her little girl in her arms.. I heard In that very moment Gods still small voice. He spoke to me as clear as day, saying, “I got this Katy.. Trust me”.

Paige cried & held onto her mom for probably 30 minutes as she was reassured that there was nothing to be afraid of..

To this Paige replied.. “Yes there is something to be afraid of!!!!!! What if lightning hits a tree and it falls into our house & hurts me!?”

Paige went on & on with her list of, “what if’s…”

To me her list seemed so rediculous cause they would never actually happen. To Paige, these were very legitimate & what she thought of as logical fears…

Fears that caused her to be so anxious and so sad.

And as the list continued, it made Paige’s anxiety only get worse.

And bare with me cause I know that this whole metaphor is a little cliche, but.. isn’t that what we do?! We get so caught up in the “what if’s” of life.

We let them steal our joy & peace.

The thing is..

We serve a God whose capable of the impossible.

A God who loves us more then we could ever possibly comprehend.

So.. I guess I’m writing this post to say this..

Maybe a major fear is keeping you from the life you’re capable of living.

Or maybe you’re simply finding yourself in the middle of a storm right now..

Whatever your storm is..
Whatever your, “what if” may be..

Gods got this.. Him


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