I would say that heartbreak is one of the most painful things a person will ever feel.

•What is it about pain & heartbreak?•

It has some kind of hold or power over us.

It steals our attention. Zaps our energy.

It has a way of gaining power over how we treat the ones we love.

It has a way of causing us to dwell on the negative..

It leaves us without a purpose. Without hope.  

It keeps us from walking in the abundant life God has for. 

So why do we hold onto pain & heartbreak? I think when it comes down to it, we simply wish we could keep bad things from happening. Or keep people from wronging us. Therefore we choose unforgiveness or grief as a way to cope.

But the truth is that there is absolutely nothing we can do about the wrongs of others. And we can’t keep away the bad days.

Anger, unforgiveness, grief, revenge.. Nothing will undo how another person has wronged you. Nothing will undo unfortunate events. 

So I believe we have a choice when heartbreak comes our way.. 

My grandpa has always told me that there are two types of people in the world.. Those who survive and those who overcome.

So everyday when I wake up I will make a choice.. 

to overcome.

And to smile. 

I will choose joy.

I will make a choice to keep my eyes on what I’m thankful for.

I will choose to let go of anything that keeps me from love & happiness.

Because life is short.. And at the end of the day, God is good. So what else really matters?


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